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Auckland was our last stop on our New Zealand adventure. We were all sad to see this part of the trip come to an end. We all enjoyed our time in New Zealand and would have liked to stay longer …

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Geothermal Activity and Maori Culture


Under the land of New Zealand, particularly the North Island, there is a lot of geothermal activity. Volcanoes shaped the island and still smoulder and erupt now and again. Geysers, boiling mud and thermal pools were part of the Maori …

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Flying High in Rotorua


This article was already posted when Jennifer wrote it. I am adding it again here to fit it in chronological order with the other articles. Sorry if you have already read it, but it is a good one and Jennifer …

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Birthday in New Zealand – Middle Earth


According to my friends and family, I am officially old now. I felt so lucky to be able to celebrate a milestone birthday in New Zealand. I think it would be hard to choose a nicer place. My family let …

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Picton – Wellington Ferry from South to North


The ferry ride from the South Island to the North Island was supposed to happen on my birthday. We thought we would relax in Picton a day ahead of time. But when we arrived in Picton, we realized there was …

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Kayaking in the Tasman Sea


I knew I would be celebrating a milestone birthday in New Zealand (how cool is that!?) and I wanted to be doing something exciting on my birthday. I had chosen kayaking as my adventure of choice; however, when we worked …

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Wild West Coast and Glaciers


The west coast of New Zealand is more rustic and less populated than other parts of the country. People, who have been to Canada, compare this terrain to British Columbia. It is lush and green, nestled between the coast and …

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Canyoning – What is this? And why are we doing it?


Canyoning, what is it and why are we doing it? My mom chose the title and as you may have guessed she was not all that enthusiastic about it. Well my answer is: Canyoning is an activity that involves swimming, …

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Christmas on the Road


When we started this trip, we weren’t sure exactly when we would return home. We thought it would be shortly before Christmas, however, as plans unfolded, we decided we would add Florida to our itinerary and travel to have Christmas …

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Central South Island – Scenery and Puzzling


Driving around New Zealand is a treat of amazing and beautiful scenery around each corner. There are a lot of corners; the roads are very curvy. Often the speed limits did not make sense, Brian felt he was at a …

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