A New Adventure in Europe


After a few years back to our normal, busy, day to day patterns, we finally got the opportunity to have another brief adventure as a result of a business trip to Sweden. We thought we would add a blog posting …

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Last Stop a Winter Family Visit


Our last stop before home was my brother’s house in the Midwest to meet up with all the kid’s cousins. We managed to avoid driving through the snow storm that had cut through the middle of the country; our strategy …

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A Visit to Space in Huntsville AL


We had come to the last of our outbound travels; our task now was plan our route home. We have done the 24 hour drive from Florida, straight home, but that is not how we wanted to end our trip. …

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A Florida Family Christmas


Florida was not part of our original itinerary, we planned to be home around Christmas and then we would turn around and drive (in the van) to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. This year Grandma and Grandpa were staying in Florida …

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New Orleans


The Big Easy, The Crescent City – New Orleans Louisiana was a place that I had looked forward to visiting. It was curiosity mostly. From all reports, New Orleans is a city like no other with Bourbon Street, the French …

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Lake Charles and Lafayette


On our way to New Orleans we stopped in Lake Charles and Lafayette Louisiana. We arrived in Lake Charles in the early evening; a fairly small city on a fairly large lake. The sunset over the lake was gorgeous; Jennifer …

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Dallas/ Ft Worth and a great Texas experience


Our route to Dallas took us through Abilene Texas where we found an interesting museum called Frontier Texas. There was a virtual reality exhibit demonstrating the history of Texas; a rough and wild history involving bison hunting and ranching, battles …

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Carlsbad – Christmas Lights and Caverns


When we mentioned New Mexico it was often suggested that we go see the Carlsbad Caverns. When we started planning our trip a few years ago, I had planned to go through the northern part of New Mexico to hook …

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Tuscon – Biosphere, Christmas kickoff


After a brief overnight in Phoenix, we retrieved our motor home from storage and we were pleased to find it in the same condition that we had left it. It was then time to start heading east. We planned to …

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Auckland was our last stop on our New Zealand adventure. We were all sad to see this part of the trip come to an end. We all enjoyed our time in New Zealand and would have liked to stay longer …

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