Coffs Harbour

There is so much between Brisbane and Sydney; it was difficult to decide where to stop. We chose our stops based on a few interesting highlights and the location of the Big 4 Holiday Parks. Since we knew what to expect from the Big 4 chain of Holiday Parks and we had a membership that gave a 10% discount, we decided to stick with it. The highlight in Coffs Harbour is the “Big Banana”, a banana plantation tour and amusement area, featuring a giant banana roadside sign, and there is a Big 4 Holiday Park conveniently located nearby.

We found a beautiful Holiday Park, really more of a resort. Our cabin was a very nice two bedroom; with two sets of bunk beds in the kid’s room. The girls were wishing their cousins could be here to share it with them! The resort included a nice pool and the mandatory bouncy pillow. The lush grounds of the resort were covered with colourful tropical plants and hopping with Kangaroos.

We were surprised when arrived to see signs warning us about sharing the land with kangaroos and how to behave safely near them. It reminded us of the bear warnings in Canada. At first we didn’t see any of Australia’s hallmark animals, but after a few hours, we were seeing them all around the park. There were large ones and small babies. They were mostly grazing on the grass of the campground but some were roaming slowly with an awkward crawl and others hopped along from place to place. It was a thrill to see these unique animals so close. Of course the girls wanted to pet and keep them as pets. If we said yes to every such request, we would have a plane full of animals on the way home.

The park also had lots to offer in kid’s activities and movies. Our girls chose to try their hand at archery. They both did well and managed to strike a few target and miss the local wildlife. They were thinking about the skill of the archers in Lord of the Rings and Hunger Games movies as they struggled to load their arrows onto the bow.

On our way to the next location, we stopped at the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour. We had a tour of a banana plantation and got a sample of the local New South Wales bananas. The locals claim that these bananas are sweeter than the Queensland bananas because they take longer to grow. Wonder of wonders, they even got Brian to try one. He survived his free sample, but has not yet been converted to a banana lover. The park also had an ice rink and a ‘toboggan’ run (sleds on a metal track). The girls tried the toboggan run, Jennifer enjoyed it. Lindsay was nervous about going too fast, so she took the entire track holding onto the brake. It took her such a long time to come down that we sent Jennifer back up with the attendant to find her. Eventually she came creeping into sight near the top of the hill. Her subsequent runs were slightly faster but still far below Jennifer’s pace. I give Lindsay credit for being cautious, she was recalling an incident on a similar track in South Dakota a few years ago, where Brian wiped out on a corner and burned the flesh off his elbow as he skidded down the track outside his sled.

Both the park and the attraction at Coffs Harbour made for an interesting stop on our trek south toward Sydney.

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  1. Laura says:

    Oh, you keep giving us some great Christmas ideas (Kangaroos)!!!!!!

    • Walkabouters says:

      Now don’t spoil the surprise, have you considered that we may be bringing something exotic for your Christmas gift!

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