Sydney Olympic Park

The 2000 summer Olympics were hosted in Sydney and there is a terrific Aquatic Center in the Olympic Park with a diving pool, a 50 meter pool, a 25 meter pool and a few slides. I had found a swim meet with a local club that I thought the girls might like to join. I had a few email communications with the club and the arrangements were set. When we arrived at the pool we learned that there is also a “North” Olympic pool. We were at the wrong pool.

The girls were not too disappointed to miss the meet, it meant they could do other things and they had some big plans. We got to watch some of the Junior Diving Championships, most impressive. Also located near the Aquatic Center in Olympic Park was a trapeze troupe that offers lessons. If you have been following our blog, you know our girls love to climb and fly, this was on their to-do list.

The trapeze company said they would teach you to do “a knee-hang, the back flip to the net and finally the catch just like you’ve seen in the circus!” I though these were lofty goals (pardon the pun). But sure enough, it didn’t work for all of the participants but most of them including our girls were successfully doing the tricks just as they were shown.

It was a stinking hot day and the sun was shining bright, so photos were a little difficult. We even have a few rough videos, if we ever figure out how to work with Youtube, we will try to post them. See the monkeys fly!

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  1. Tanya & Wayne says:

    Wow the trapeze looks really high and not for the faint at heart, faint of heart … oh well wimpy! both girls look like professional daredevils.. Look out Deb and Brian they now have the skills to run away and join the circus.

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