A Florida Family Christmas

Florida was not part of our original itinerary, we planned to be home around Christmas and then we would turn around and drive (in the van) to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. This year Grandma and Grandpa were staying in Florida and we were in no hurry to head north so we decided to have Christmas with them. They were nice enough to drive a few hours north and meet us in the Florida panhandle near the home of Grandma’s cousin. It was a treat to have Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa and relatives I have not seen in years.

We found a campground that had a cabin for Grandma and Grandpa beside our campsite. We got there before they arrived and did a little decorating, our tiny Christmas tree fit nicely in the small cabin. We took advantage of the washer and dryer in their cabin and the kitchen to cook nice meals for the six of us. On the first day, while I did my work in the motor home, the guys went golfing and the girls baked cookies with Grandma. She had come prepared with all of her baking supplies. It was really special to be with Mom and Dad near the end of our trip since they were our first stop at the beginning.

Christmas day was unusual without snow, but it was very nice. Santa was quite generous and filled all the stockings for Christmas morning. We had been collecting things for each other along the way, so the gift opening was a reminder of many of our recent adventures. Christmas dinner was at Aunt Karyl’s and included a number of southern favourites. I am looking forward to trying her recipe for sweet potato casserole. The girls met some of their third cousins that they didn’t know they had. It took a while but eventually they even spoke to each other. They kids played games and went out to the beach to try throwing their new boomarangs. Thank you for sharing your Christmas day with us. I did miss the snow, but I think I could get used to strolling out to the beach on Christmas day.

The next morning while we winterized our rig for the drive north, Grandma and Grandpa headed south back to their winter home. We appreciate that they were willing to make the drive to rendezvous with us and we are pleased to include the special time with them in memories from our great adventure.

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