A Visit to Space in Huntsville AL

We had come to the last of our outbound travels; our task now was plan our route home. We have done the 24 hour drive from Florida, straight home, but that is not how we wanted to end our trip. We debated what points of interest to include in the last leg of our journey, our options were Memphis TN for ribs, music and the Mississippi River, Huntsville AL for space camp or my brother’s house for a gathering of the cousins. A significant factor in our decision was the weather. Winter storms were blowing across the Midwest and we were going to do our best to avoid them. It appeared our safest alternative was to wait them out a bit and then come home behind the storms (with enough time for the roads to be cleared.)

We decided to stop in Huntsville Alabama, visit space camp and then determine if we could include a stop at my brother’s or if it would be best to head straight home. We omitted Memphis due to the extra distance back to the west; we will have to visit Memphis in a future journey along with the many other locations we missed like the states of Idaho and Oklahoma.

Huntsville Alabama is home to the US Space and Rocket Center. Many of the rockets and vessels used in space exploration are on display on the grounds of the center. This was the setting for a 1986 movie “Space Camp” and a more recent made for TV movie “A Smile as big as the Moon”. The museum was a very interesting way to spend an afternoon. We toured the exhibits which included displays about development of the first rockets (by an engineering group from Germany), a virtual reality ride on a Mars rover and an interactive exhibit about the applications of math in science, sport and art. There was even a rock climbing wall. I am not sure what the climbing wall had to do with space or rockets, but the kids enjoyed it. There are day camps and sleep over camps here for kids and adults where participants are taken through the physical and academic challenges similar to those in astronaut training.

It was a fun and educational stop. It appeared the drive north via my brother’s place was clear. We headed north so that I we could arrive in time for an early morning teleconference.

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