Last Stop a Winter Family Visit

Our last stop before home was my brother’s house in the Midwest to meet up with all the kid’s cousins. We managed to avoid driving through the snow storm that had cut through the middle of the country; our strategy was to circle around behind the storm. There was lots snow on the ground, but the roads were pretty clear and we arrived at our destination cold but safe.

Since the kids would be missing cousin time at my parents, my brother and his wife were nice enough to offer their home for a family get together. We all had a great time visiting and sharing the Christmas spirit. The ‘kids’ big and small had fun outside playing broomball, soccer and football. Some of the bigger kids were very sore for the next few days.

We were questioning our decision to leave the sunny south and come back north into the snow. Pete (the motorhome) did not seem happy to be out in the cold. We normally store him away for the winter. Since our rig was winterized, they were nice enough to offer us accommodations in the house. My sister-in-law had created a very nice nest in the loft for all the girls to sleep.

Although this excursion added a few more miles to our journey, I am so glad that we did not pass up the invitation. It was very nice to get together with the family; the kids got to see their cousins, it allowed us to avoid the snow and delayed end of our journey by a few more days. None of us was quite ready for the adventure to end.

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