A New Adventure in Europe

After a few years back to our normal, busy, day to day patterns, we finally got the opportunity to have another brief adventure as a result of a business trip to Sweden. We thought we would add a blog posting to share the pictures.

I spent a week a head of the family and got to do a side trip to Switzerland. I’ll share a few pictures.

What fire code?

Look close at the map of this hotel so many dead ends. Memorized a route out my little trapezoidal room.

Swedish Meatballs and Lingon Berries

Ahh Swiss Chocolate!

Centuries old Basel Town Hall

Basel Town Hall

Roasted nuts for sale

Interesting to eat the warm roasted nuts

Beautiful ancient buildings

Cool carved door

Across the Rhine River looking back at Basel

Next post – the ICE Hotel in Northern Sweden

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We are traveling through Canada and the US as well as Australia and New Zealand. We hope this Blog will keep our family and friends up to date on our travels.
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